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No deposits

We don’t take a deposit when you rent, so you can keep a hold of your paycheck.

Up to 40% cheaper

Save thousands by renting from trusted locals instead of hire shops.

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Our quick verification process means you can start renting today.

Flexible pickup & dropoff

Collect and return at a time that works for you. Just message the lender to arrange.

"Great service. Top quality equipment. Highly recommended."

Tom, Bristol

Rented Cement Mixer 230V 145 Ltr

"Very professional, good communication, great rental. Would rent again, perfect"

Heather, Birmingham

Rented Belle Minimix 130 Cement Mixer

"Great communication. easy pick up and drop off. Had no problems with the mixer. Definitely recommend."

Jonathan, London

Rented DeWalt Percussion Corded Drill DWD024 650W

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