Acoustic Soundproof Sponge Sound Stop Absorption Studio Foam



Acoustic Soundproof Sponge Sound Stop Absorption Studio Foam


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Specifications:   Material: Sponge Size: 250x250x30mm Quantity: 1 Pc Color: Blue/Gray/Red/Black/Yellow/Purple Applied to: Studio, Piano room, Drum room, Anchor's room, Home Theater, KTV, Meeting rooms, Instrument rooms, etc.   Features:   1. Soft sponge, no dust, high density; 2. The sound effects, suitable for studio and KTV etc; 3. Pyramid sound-absorbing sponge with beautiful appea...

rance and good acoustic characteristics, its greatest feature is: due to its pyramid shape, it provides little diffusion, it makes you sound more dynamic. It may, for example BASSTRAP combined together with the other products, consisting of a wide band absorber, the effect is very good.   Package included:   1 x Soundproof foam Free delivery. Delivery Timeframe: 5-10 days

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Acoustic Soundproof Sponge Sound Stop Absorption Studio Foam

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