Approx (APPC33) External Mini Card Reader, 5 Slot, USB/Micro USB, Black



Approx (APPC33) External Mini Card Reader, 5 Slot, USB/Micro USB, Black





  This adapter allows you to convert your SD / Micro SD card into a USB or Micro USB USB pendrive. Its most  important feature is that its Micro USB port has OTG function, so with the APPC33 you can have a pendrive for Smartphones and Tablets, so transferring files or playing videos and music is very easy and convenient.  Its design is portable, elegant and reduced.   Increase the connectivity of your computers!...

        USB and Micro USB connection With the appC33 you can convert your Micro SD / SD card (up to 32 GB) into a USB stick and USB Micro, depending on your needs.         SD / Micro SD slot with USB output and OTG function The appC33 includes SD / micro SD slot and OTG function, so you can have a flash drive for Smartphones and Tablets, as well as transfer files or play videos and music easily and conveniently.         Four utilities on a single device This adapter works as SD reader, Micro SD, USB pendrive and micro USB pendrive OTG, all in one, with a speed of up to 480 Mbps         Portable and super-reduced design in black  Thanks to its small and elegant format, you can comfortably take your appC33 anywhere. What are you waiting for? Get your appC33 and increase the connectivity of your equipment!

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The word “Tinkerer”, often found in computer gaming worlds, refers to the characters who like experimenting with the technology and creating clever gizmos with basic tools. With this name, we want our customer to associate with the Tinkerer brand &...

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Approx (APPC33) External Mini Card Reader, 5 Slot, USB/Micro USB, Black

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