Asus ROG SHUTTLE II 17" Backpack, Oversized Interior, Water Resistant, Black & Red



Asus ROG SHUTTLE II 17" Backpack, Oversized Interior, Water Resistant, Black & Red





Crafted for gamers on the go Aggressive game-look with traditional ROG red and black colors and prominent logo Notebook PCs up to 17” in size fit securely and comfortably Oversized interior space for ample storage, plus separate fast-draw notebook holder     Emblazoned with the looks and feel of celebrated Republic of Gamers hardware, this backpack is the perfect companion for your gaming lifestyle. It all...

ows for easy and secure transportation of a gaming notebook plus accessories and other items, so enthusiasts can take their passion on the road in style. In addition to exciting aesthetics, this backpack features advanced materials and ergonomics for improved comfort, plus smart internal space and compartment design to max carrying capacity. So state your gaming intentions and get ready to increase your range of operations!     Fits up to 17" laptops Roomy accommodation for a variety of netbooks and compact laptops — stay in touch with the realities of your life.     Cushioned laptop safety Padded interior protects your valuable laptop from accidents and other hazards, so you can keep going longer, safer.     Water resistant Strong construction resists water to keep your precious cargo safe from accidental spills and the elements.     Mobile phone pocket Never fumble for your smartphone again with its own dedicated compartment.       A4 size Just the right size for important documents and items — keep it compact but intelligent.     Media player pocket Additional dedicated space fits media players for the musically-inclined for a more enjoyable commute.     Soft-padded ergonomic backpanel Gives backs a rest from tough, painful backpacks with a soft touch that stays solid and comfortable with every movement.     Secure pocket Dedicated compartment to keep important valuables extra safe.  

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The word “Tinkerer”, often found in computer gaming worlds, refers to the characters who like experimenting with the technology and creating clever gizmos with basic tools. With this name, we want our customer to associate with the Tinkerer brand &...

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Asus ROG SHUTTLE II 17" Backpack, Oversized Interior, Water Resistant, Black & Red

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