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BASIC FUN! 39140 Cutetitos Collectible Plush Multi-Colour

BASIC FUN! 39140 Cutetitos Collectible Plush Multi-Colour


Cutetitos are a variety of adorable, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a burrito blanket ready to be unrolled and discovered! Based on the current trend of pet owners wrapping their pets in blankets like a burrito, now kids of all ages can collect Cutetitos and roll their own pet into a burrito! Cutetitos come unqiuely wrapped in a large mystery bag building suspense of which Cutetito is ins...ide, then unwrap to discover your new Cutetito pet & more! To find out if your Cutetito's personality is mild, medium or hot, just check out it's "Hot Spot"! From a Slothito to a Puppito, there are 12 different Cutetitos to collect. Each comes with a burrito blanket and Pet Collector card with additional information about your pet including its species, name, birthday and favorite quotito! Cutetitos come in 12 colorful styles including Cattito's, Bearito, Monkito and Piggito - some are super rare - collect them all. Key Features: - Discover all that's inside of a Cutetito burrito - unroll to reveal your new soft pet and everything about it; who will you get? - Cutetitos come in 12 possible collectible styles including a variety of puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos and monkitos - Each Cutetito has a personality hot spot that you discover when you unwrap it - it could be mild, medium, hot or super spicy - The pet collector card will tell you everything you need to know about your Cutetito - hot spot, birthday, species, name and favorite quotito - Packaged in a mystery bag, Cutetitos are 7.5 Inch stuffed animals wrapped in a soft, plush burrito blanket that includes a pet collector card; collect all 12

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