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Beko Cylinder Vaccum Cleaner Deluxe (2 Colours)-Red

Beko Cylinder Vaccum Cleaner Deluxe (2 Colours)-Red


Perfect for any floor type, this bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with a handy 2.8L capacity to keep your home in great condition. With powerful and constant suction, you'll be able to clean your home effortlessly thanks to PerformCyclone™ technology. And, this vacuum comes with additional cleaning tools and attachments making it great for pet hair removal. PerformCyclone™ Helping you to de...eply clean your carpets, hard floors, and even those hard to reach spots, PerformCyclone™ technology offers constant and high suction power thanks to its cyclonic system, to collect even the smallest of dust particles off your floors. DustSeal™ HEPA13 Filter Improving the quality of air in your home by preventing re-emission of dust, our DustSeal™ HEPA13 Filter will trap the smallest of dust particles. With 99.97% of dust staying in the vacuum, allergy and asthma sufferers can rest easy. Large Capacity You'll be able to vacuum for longer without needing to empty the dust bin often thanks to its large 2.8L capacity. And, the dust bin comes with an indicator light that lets you know when it needs to be emptied, helping you to keep your vacuum well-maintained. Cleaning Radius You'll be able to clean your home with ease thanks to the flexible 11m cleaning radius of the vacuum hose and cable.

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