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BOP-IT English Game

BOP-IT English Game


Twist it! Bop it! Answer it? Selfie it? Hammer it? Golf it? This updated edition of the original Hasbro Bop It! Games features 10 new action-packed commands for the millennial gamer. The modernised game unit uses motion technology to test the reaction time of players and see if they?ve got what it takes to win. Each command comes at random and you need to respond correctly and quickly to stay in... the game. If you?re too slow, you?re out. The longer you stay in the game, the faster the commands come at you. The action-packed commands, which require you to strike hilarious poses, are: Whip it, Drink it, Selfie it, Hammer it, Answer it, Cradle it, Saw it, Sing it, Golf it, and Comb it. You can also play the classic version of Bop It by selecting Classic Mode or Beat Bop It by selecting Beat Bop Mode. Each game can be played on your own or against other players. Features: Game unit senses player?s motion / 10 new action-packed commands / 3 exciting modes of Key Features: - Updated edition of Bop It! features 10 new action-packed commands - Whip it, Drink it, Selfie it, Comb it and more by striking hilarious poses - Uses modern motion sensor technology to test your reaction times - Play Action Mode, Classic Mode, Beat Bop Mode or Pass It Mode - Portable game unit comes with 3 x AAA batteries for immediate play

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