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Brabantia Laundry Bin With Metal Lid, 35L - Matt Steel

Brabantia Laundry Bin With Metal Lid, 35L - Matt Steel


This compact laundry bin really is better from top to bottom. The graduated-size ventilation holes around the lower part of the bin give it a purposeful designer look whilst keeping your laundry aired until wash day. To complete the picture, a plastic base protects your floor whilst holding the bin securely in position. Loving your washing, loving your home and looking good too.   But Size...Does Matter   This 35L laundry bin will take up so little space in your bathroom or bedroom that you'll hardly know it's there. But the bin is not small when it comes to coping with your laundry needs and will swallow plenty of dirty linen. Just pop smaller items in through the clever quick-drop opening or flip off the lid for larger pieces. The opening in the lid is not only practical but its design helps hide laundry items out of sight too, so unlike a conventional laundry basket, it keeps your room neat and tidy.   Smart Design   Not only is this laundry bin a real looker, but lift off the lid and marvel at the neat and clever washable cotton inner bag. Fitting snugly, thanks to the Velcro fastening, the full laundry bag is simple to remove and carry to your washing machine. It's so practical and when emptied it's just as easy to pop it back in position and refasten, ready for the next load. Being cotton, the bag is washable, long-lasting and loves your laundry. It's just so much easier than using a heavy linen basket.   A Clever Lid   This lid not only does it boast that quick-drop opening so useful for loading smaller items but when you need to take it right off to put in larger pieces, the lid simply slots onto the body of the bin, leaving both your hands-free to deal with your laundry. No need to juggle the lid in one hand whilst loading with the other. So simple yet so practical. Just another thing to love about this bin and yet another good idea from Brabantia. This truly is a laundry bin that loves laundry.

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