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Brabantia Window Canister Set, 1.4L - Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof

Brabantia Window Canister Set, 1.4L - Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof


This set of 3 storage canisters from Brabantia is ideal for keeping all your loose ingredients – sugar, tea, pasta, rice, coffee and many more items tidy and fresh in your kitchen. These handy worktop food storage canisters are just perfect for so many kitchen storage uses.   Keeping it fresh   Whatever you choose to keep in your kitchen storage containers you can be certain it will stay fresh. The flavour-seal click lids will keep the contents fresh for longer. The tight seal of the lid means that your chosen ingredients will store for ages and be ready and in perfect condition just when you need them.   I can see clearly now…   You'll always know where all your ingredients are with these kitchen storage canisters as the antistatic clear plastic windows in each food canister reveal at a glance what's inside. And how much you've got left too so you can always be sure that you've got enough ingredients at the ready.   Tough and strong   The kitchen containers set is built to last and will give years of use in even the busiest of kitchens. Made from durable corrosion-resistant materials these food canisters will take care of your kitchen storage needs. The protective coating on the base means they won't damage your work surface or storage area and the smooth inner finish means they're easy to keep clean too. And each canister measures a generous 17.5 x 11 x 11cm so there's plenty of room to store your favourite items.

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