Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Extension Cable 5 Gang 2m Grey UK Plug



Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Extension Cable 5 Gang 2m Grey UK Plug




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Stop the surge and protect your valuable appliances with this 5 gang 2m Eco-Line Extension socket from Brennenstuhl, the market leaders in electronic technology. The superior quality protector will provide outstanding protection for the connected appliances from surges up to 9,000A, voltage peaks and lightning strikes. This means that the sensitive electronics in PCs, Hi-Fi, TV and video equipment are safely protected and invaluable data in...

computer hardware and software are prevented from being lost. In addition, the socket is also wall mountable and is lightwieght and compact to easily storage under a desk in the office or behind the TV at home. With decades of experience in the market, you can be assured that you will receive a product of fantastic quality to provide you with an ongoing and reliable power solution that is easy and safe to use. Feel the power! Features: Surge protection 4500A Prevents damage or destruction from voltage peaks, and provides effective protection against lightning strikes Suitable for wall fixing With 2m cable with BS-plug 13A Light indicating surge voltage is active Specification: Connection: 5 Way Cable Length: 2 m Supply Voltage: 230V

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Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Extension Cable 5 Gang 2m Grey UK Plug

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