Charlie Banana 3 Feminine Pads Super+ Floralie



Charlie Banana 3 Feminine Pads Super+ Floralie


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That is surely something you did not want to talk about with your girlfriends or others. Times have changed. The truth is periods are periods and they arrive as expected most of the time. We live in a modern age and the majority of us wear tampons and different types of chemicals loaded pads. Not so long ago toxic shock syndrome scared us all! We all heard about it, read about it and we carried on? Reusable pads have always existed but wer...

e not very fashionable just like cloth diapers ? what a shame. Reusable pads are a delight! Comfortable like you would not believe, stain free, chemical free, stylish and cute, super convenient, eco friendly and economical. We gave many samples to friends and they all looked at us in a funny way at first. I must admit it was often a joke among new employees. But after everyone tried, the votes were conclusive: A Winner. They all love them and were convinced they were the coolest things. Try them and we can assure you that you will never go bac Key Features: - Charlie Banana? Innovative washable feminine pads are very comfortable and stylish. A must try for every women. - Eco-friendly and cost effective - They are Unbelievably Stain free - They are perfume free, chlorine free, and free from chemicals. - Super pads measure: 10inchL x 3.2inchW (25cm L x 8cm W)

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Charlie Banana 3 Feminine Pads Super+ Floralie

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