Dorr Digi Finder+ for 3.0'' (2:3) LCD Display



Dorr Digi Finder+ for 3.0'' (2:3) LCD Display




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Dorr Digi Finder Plus for 3.0&quot, (2:3) LCD Display is ideal for photography in bright sunny conditions. Shooting through the lens can be extremely difficult and also correctly viewing your pictures can be near impossible. With the Dorr Digi Finder Plus this problem can be eliminated by cutting out the surrounding conditions. Simply attach the included monitor frame around the LCD display (this can be later removed without leaving any resi...

due or damage). The Digi Finder Plus then simply clicks into the frame and also can be removed easily if necessary. When the Digi Finder is not being used the frame serves as a mount for the included LCD Protector which will protect your LCD Display from dust and scratches. Features: Suitable for all digital cameras with a 3.0&quot, LCD Display and an aspect ratio of 2:3. Integrated zoom lens Magnification Factor: 2.75x with Diopter Correction Includes LCD monitor frame and LCD Protector Ideal for photography in bright sunny conditions Specification: Contents:

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Dorr Digi Finder+ for 3.0'' (2:3) LCD Display

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