Dorr Yuma Sling Backpack Black/Orange



Dorr Yuma Sling Backpack Black/Orange




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Dorr Yuma Sling Bag is a narrow, compact sling style bag, which allows quick access to photographic equipment via the rapid action of pulling the bag to the front of the body and un-zipping the bag from there. The D1680 Ballistic Nylon, is extremely hard wearing and the two 4&quot, rubber feet on the bottom of the bag, keep the material away from the ground, which is particularly useful in bad weather. The Yuma Sling Bag features a two-way a...

ccess to the main compartment - top and side opening, which is great for selecting specific items of equipment, that have been packed carefully before hand. There is a tripod strap on the side of the bag and then a zipped pocket below the loop which has an open envelope incorporated into it, in which to put the feet of the tripod, making&nbsp,&nbsp,a secure carrying option for a compact tripod. When not in use, the pocket can be pushed back into the zipper pocket. Both flaps that open up on the bag have pockets on the inside for small items and the zipped pocket on the front can take slightly larger items and has a material pocket for items like a Passport, or iphone. The interior of the Sling Backpack is fully interchangeable and lined in a soft grey material with padded dividers. There are two small divides in the top compartment and five in the bottom compartment. All the dividers can be removed and the bag becomes one space for clothes or other non-photographic equipment. The lockable, waterproof zippers protect the main compartment from the elements and the zip around the back of the back, means that access can be gained to the entire contents of the bag, in one go, when not being worn. The zips have plastic pulls, so they are easy to open and close. Safe and secure, the Yuma Backpack has a secondary clip fastener on the padded shoulder strap, which can be used to clip under the arm and the padded hip strap means the bag doesn't move around when being carried. When not in use, the small additional securing strap can be tucked away into a small pocket incorporated into the padded back. It has a carry handle on the top which means it can be quickly picked up when in a rush. There is a small plastic clip attached to the shoulder strap which can be removed when not in use. A perfect bag for urban photography or a half day shoot, the compact Yuma Sling Bag is extremely comfortable and intuitive to use. Features: Quick Access Large Main Compartment Tripod Loop Lockable and Waterproof Zippers Soft Interior Padded Shoulder and Hip Straps Specification: Exterior Dimensions 22 x 43 x 22cm Interior Dimensions 21 x 40 x 15.5cm Inner Upper Compartment Dimensions 21 x 16 x 15.5cm Inner Side Compartment Dimensions 21 x 24 x 15.5cm Zippers Weatherproof Material: D1680 Ballistic Nylon Weight: 1.24Kg

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Dorr Yuma Sling Backpack Black/Orange

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