Dynamode SATA to IDE Adapter, Bi-directional



Dynamode SATA to IDE Adapter, Bi-directional





Extend your Hard Disk Lifespan. Looking for complete flexibility when adding your existing SATA or IDE interface Hard Disk(s) to your system?   Introducing the new Dynamode IDE-SATA-SI. A discrete, PCB level adapter which simply connects to the rear interface of any SATA or IDE Hard Disk or other Mass Storage Device (MSD) without taking up valuable space inside your Desktop or Server chassis. Allowing 'Boot Time' leve...

l Storage attachment, the IDE-SATA-SI needs no software to be installed and converts SATA (Serial ATA) to ATA (Parallel ATA) and vice versa, quickly and with minimal fuss. Comes embedded with dual SATA Ports, one ATA/133 IDE type interface and a single 4-Pin Power Connector. Fully bi-directional in operation the device also comes with a unique status LED showing data activity together with bundled SATA-SATA data cable and 4-Pin to standard 'Molex' Power cable.         Advanced features   • Discrete PCB for direct Storage Device attachment • Needs no Drivers, converts at 'Boot Time' • Single 40-Pin IDE Port; Two SATA Ports • Single 4-Pint Power Connector • Converts SATA to Parallel ATA • Converts Parallel ATA to SATA • Supports ATA100/133 Specification • Fully compliant with Serial ATA Specifications • Unique activity LED on PCB • Bundled 'Molex' Power Cable and SATA Data Cable

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Dynamode SATA to IDE Adapter, Bi-directional

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