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Foodsaver Fresh Container 2-Piece Combo Pack - Clear

Foodsaver Fresh Container 2-Piece Combo Pack - Clear


FoodSaver Fresh Containers are stylish, stackable and suitable for use with all FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems. These are the ultimate food storage solutions for your home - the combination of simple storage and the freshness you can expect from vacuum sealing your food.   Preserve the fresh flavours of your favourite ingredients and meals in your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Foodsaver...Fresh Containers may look like any other storage box, but when used with a Vacuum Sealing System all the air is extracted from the container, creating an airtight seal to lock freshness in and make food last longer.   Made from durable Tritan, which resistant stains, scratches and knocks, these vacuum-sealed boxes nest neatly for storage, stack when full and can be popped in the microwave without their lids.   A simple indicator gives instant assurance that the vacuum seal is protecting your food; to lift the lid, just press the button on top to release the pressure. Ideal to extend the lifespan of leftovers and pre-washed fruit and veg, they keep strong smells inside without absorbing them so your fridge stays fresh as well as tidy - they're great for freezing portions of soup, stew and more and absolutely brilliant for storing dry goods in your cupboards too.   Free from BPA, PFOA and PTFE. Heat resistant up to 120°C.Compatible with Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer FFS002 and V3840 Machines. Also available in 1.8-litre capacity, which nests with this set. Approx. 16cm Sq. 700ml approx. 8.5cm H., 1.2 litres approx. 11cm H.  

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