Hama CD Slim Jewel Case for 1x Disc Pack 25 Clear



Hama CD Slim Jewel Case for 1x Disc Pack 25 Clear




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Are you in the position where you have countless CDs out of boxes in different locations all around the house, office or building vulnerable to dust, scratches and damage? Unfortunately for you, CDs do not swallow everything. Dirt and scratches can lead to irreparable damage and there is nothing worse then putting a CD on and it jumping the whole way through due to copious scratches. All of your CDs are to be stored in a box or rack. It is t...

rue that storage doesn’t have to mean ugly brown boxes and the trendy, space-saving CD Slim Box Packs from Hama prove that. The high-quality transparent CD Slim Boxes, able to house up to 25 CDs, mean you have no excuse for CDs being left around the house, office or building cluttering up your table/desk tops and floor. The plastic boxes are ultra thin making it is possible to store 2 of these empty cases in one standard CD. In addition, these boxes provide an ideal replacement for lost or broken CD boxes. Finding instead of searching, this is the motto of the small, sovereign slim boxes from Hama. Features Super slim jewel case for one CD plus inlay card Due to their low height (approx. 5.2 mm), two of these jewel cases fit in a standard CD compartment Space saving: 50% Ideal replacement for damaged original cases as well as for storing all kinds of back-up copies With a transparent bottom and a transparent upper part Specification Colour Transparent For Medium CDs Suitable for Universally Usable Max. Piece Number 1 Depth 0.52 cm Height 14.2 cm Width 12.5 cm Material Polystyrene (PS) Model Jewel Case

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Hama CD Slim Jewel Case for 1x Disc Pack 25 Clear

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