Hama Diffusion Effect Filter 55mm



Hama Diffusion Effect Filter 55mm




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Primarily developed to provide your pictures with great effects, the Effects Filter has a number of benefits. Not only will it filter the colour via the fantastic classical diffuser for outdoor portraits in deep shadows, it will also create an overall clearer, sharper image with a higher quality more professional appearance to your images or film by superimposing the sharp main image with a slightly unsharp image. Also, the Effects Filter wi...

th diffuser (Duto) can improve the quality of your photos by using the clear glass with circular grooves to reduce contrast from the lurking shadows. In addition, by covering the lens it gives added protection against grime, dust, fingerprints and scratches that can cause the quality of images to otherwise significantly deteriorate. The protection of your camera lens can also help to increase the resale price of your camera when the time comes for an upgrade, because your lens is still in perfect mint condition. At such good value for money and with such a huge improvement in image quality, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will wonder what you ever did without it. Protect your lens with the Effects Filter Diffuser (Duto) from Hama today! Highlights Soft focus effect gives the image a romantic flair Suitable for lenses/zoom lenses with a filter thread For digital/analogue photo, system and video cameras Front thread for an additional filter, a lens cap or a lens hood Eliminates the need for time consuming image editing on a PC Quality standard (glass): optical glass Impact on the pictures: Classic diffusion filter which reduces contrast Especially suited for outdoor portraits with harsh shadows What's in the Box 1 special effect filter 1 filter box Technical Details Front Thread Yes Coating Coated Metal Mount Black Model Soft-Focus Mount Thickness 5mm Type of Glass High-Grade Lens Glass

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Hama Diffusion Effect Filter 55mm

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