Hama Headset for Cordless Phones with 2.5mm Plug



Hama Headset for Cordless Phones with 2.5mm Plug




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The Hama Headset for Cordless Phones brings a touch of comfort to your home or office, with a simple, discreet design that sits neatly on your ears for convenient communication with customers, colleagues and more. Eliminating the need to juggle the phone in one hand whilst your awkwardly attempt to type or make notes with the other, the Hama Headset remains completely hands free for the majority of the call, with a single touch call answer/e...

nd button and easy access volume control integrated into the cable for effortless adjustment. Designed to provide maximum comfort to any user, the Hama Headset possesses an adjustable headband that can be quickly adapted to fit any head size, as well as a flexible microphone arm that can be repositioned in relation to the position of the mouth for optimal conveyance of sound. Crystal clear audio is provided through the single padded speaker, with soft cushioning that helps preventing the development of ear ache during long conversations. In addition, the headset also offers the choice of wearing the speaker and microphone on either the left or right side of the head, depending on individual user preference. Features Convenient cable-mounted volume control Comfortable and optimal positioning thanks to the flexible microphone arm Functional headband headset for cordless phones Adjustable headbands for a comfortable fit Crystal clear sound quality Can be worn on the right and left Compact plug which can easily be used in deep sockets What's in the Box 1 headset Technical Details Colour Black/Silver Connection 2.5 mm Jack Plug Connection Cable Capsule Diameter (Headphone) 31 mm Duplex Yes Frequency Range (Headphone) 20 Hz - 20 kHz Frequency Range (Microphone) 20 Hz - 20 kHz Impedance (Headphone) 150 Ω Impedance (Microphone) 2.2 kΩ Maximum Power Output (Headphone) 10 mW Noise Cancelling/Reduction No Suitable for Wireless Phone Call Answer Button No Design Headphones Directivity (Microphone) Cardioid Microphone Position Flexible Boom Microphone Microphone Type Electret Model Mono Sensitivity (Headphone) 126 dB +/- 5 dB Sensitivity (Microphone) 47 dB +/- 5 dB Volume Control Yes

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Hama Headset for Cordless Phones with 2.5mm Plug

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