HP Touchstone Standalone Charging Dock



HP Touchstone Standalone Charging Dock




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HP Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre (Black) - PALMTCHSTN-3 Charge on contact, the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock is the incredibly simple way to charge your Palm webOS phone. Just set it on the dock and it begins charging. The phone automatically shifts to speakerphone mode and dims the screen while still displaying incoming notifications and the time. The dock holds your phone in portrait or landscape orientation as it charges, s...

o it's easy to answer calls or watch videos. Requires a Palm Touchstone-compatible Battery/Back Cover, sold separately. Compatible with: Palm Pre; Key Features: - Place your Palm Pre on the Touchstone Charging Dock for wireless charging when used with the optional Touchstone Back Cover - Magnet holds phone in place while charging - Package includes Touchstone dock - May be shipped with bulk packaging

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HP Touchstone Standalone Charging Dock

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