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James Martin by Wahl ZX929 Digital Slow Cooker

James Martin by Wahl ZX929 Digital Slow Cooker


Make home cooking easier with this 4.7L James Martin Digital Slow Cooker; cook delicious meals for the whole family or guests with very little hassle, just pop in your ingredients, set the time and heat and let the flavours intensify while you get on with your life, even use the time delay function to decide when you want the cooking to begin whether day or night. If you decide you want to watch y...our food bubble away we’ve included a glass lid so you can keep the goodness locked in. Easy to use and easy to clean, select your desired setting with the programmable LCD display and return later to a fully cooked meal with no monitoring required, then simply pop the ceramic pot along with the glass lid in the dishwasher.   Timer Having a timer included means you never have to worry about your food overcooking, set the time, leave it to bubble and it will turn off once finished.   Easy to use, easy to clean The ceramic pot with cool touch handles can be removed and used for serving straight to the table and the transparent toughened glass lid which is for easy viewing are both easy clean and dishwasher safe.   Delay setting Use the delay setting to choose the exact time you want your food to start cooking.   3 Heat settings:   High Food will bubble and simmer and cook more quickly. Great if you can't wait too long for a delicious meal.   Low Food will cook on a low simmer and will take longer to cook, allowing the flavours to intensify. Use this setting to cook all day while you're out and about with no monitoring required.   Keep Warm Use this setting when your food is cooked to your desired point and you simply want to keep it warm, perfect for when you are entertaining guests and you may not be serving your food immediately.

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