Kiwi Technics Juno 106 Hardware Upgrade & Swap Back Board



Kiwi Technics Juno 106 Hardware Upgrade & Swap Back Board


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KIWI TECHNICS KIWI-106 WITH SWAP BACK BOARD Kiwi Technics Juno 106 Hardware Upgrade w/ Swap Back Board is an expanded synthesis architecture with dual envelopes and multi-waveform LFOs is only the tip of the creative possibilities that any Juno-106 can now possess and the swap-back board allows the 106 to be returned easily to factory spec. Comprehensive routing of controls, high resolution parameters, and eight groups of 64 patches expand...

the Juno-106's synthesis capability many times over, but we're not done yet. Add in a six voice polyphonic 124 step sequencer and a pattern generator to the mix and Juno-106 becomes a new class of instrument. Now design and implement a totally modern MIDI implementation suited for modern stage and studios and provide a free Vyzex professional instrument Mac/Windows editor/librarian along with the price of admission and what do you have? Modern Brains and Vintage Brawn, baby. The Kiwi-106! Features A comprehensive editor (PC & Mac) is supplied with the upgrade and can be downloaded for Windows or Mac. This has been developed by Psicraft under the Vyzex brand.

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Kiwi Technics Juno 106 Hardware Upgrade & Swap Back Board

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