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LEXIBOOK - LCG3000 - Electronic Chessgame Chesslight


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Chesslight Electronic Chess Game with Touch Sensitive Keyboard Key Features: - The leader in electronic chess games! - Established and successful design, colours and light effects (64 LEDs) - Progressive and comprehensive: 64 difficulty levels divided in 4 game styles, ELO 1800, learning mode (evaluation: if the move is not optimal, the player is given another try) - All the rules! 50 moves rule, stalemate and draw the promotion...

of pawns and the 'en passant' capture - Fun: Multimove function to referee a game between two players! - THE invaluable product in your « Electronic Chess game» section. - Timeless colours and design

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LEXIBOOK - LCG3000 - Electronic Chessgame Chesslight

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