Macro Photography DC DSLR Camera C Shape Twin Two Flash Bracket



Macro Photography DC DSLR Camera C Shape Twin Two Flash Bracket


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Description : Its designed C-shaped track and the 3 adjustable joins let this bracket can be adjusted to multi-shape for different situation. This bracket let the flash unit can be placed at side or top even taking pictures horizontally or vertically. This function is great for placing the flash unit at the appropriate position for getting a suitable direction of lighting source and prevent or minimize the effect which cause by the lon...

g lens is using. Mmini size really convenient for storage specially for carrying when outdoor photograph or outing. Strong and durable as it made by metal. It is firm enough for holding up a flash unit. Features :  It features C shaped so that LCD SCREEN can open and unfold. It meets the requirement of film maker when image absent of exposure compensation. It is with a standard 1/4" tripod socket, the camera can be mounted onto a tripod even the bracket has been attached onto camera. C-shaped flash bracket wil help reduce the shadows caused by flash. Adjustable bracket base fit for different LCD panel size User-Friendly Design; Corrects the Straight Bracket's Short-coming Special C-shape Prevent Crash of the Display Hot shoes Slide/Fix up and down on the C Shape Bracket Suitable for: Suitable for most DV / Mini DV Camcorder / DC / DSLR camreas with standard 1/4" tripod socket. Suitable for most Continuous LED Phot/Video lights with standard hotshoe. Suitable for most Hot-Shoe Flashes and Flash Triggers(exclude Sony&Minolta Flashes due to different Flash Shoe Socket). Specification :   Weight: 112g Material: metal and plastic Color: Black Standard 1/4"-20 thread 2 hotshoe mounts for LED light or flash. Package included :  1 x C-shaped bracket Free delivery. Delivery Timeframe: 5-10 days

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Macro Photography DC DSLR Camera C Shape Twin Two Flash Bracket

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