Meade Moon Filter for Telescope 4000/5000 Eyepieces



Meade Moon Filter for Telescope 4000/5000 Eyepieces




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Essentially functioning as sunglasses for your telescope, this neutral density filter transmits light uniformly across the entire visual spectrum, featuring a 13% light transmission. It serves as an excellent filter with larger telescopes when observing the Moon, which can otherwise be uncomfortably bright for our eyes when observing it for any length of time. Reducing glare, the ND96 filter brings light to a level more natural to the human...

eye, allowing features of the lunar surface such as craters to become more defined and be appreciated in much greater detail and contrast. The uses do not stop there. The ND96 also proves ideal for observing any number of bright night sky and land based objects, including the splitting of close double stars where one of the binary pair significantly exceeds the other in brightness and in the observation of Venus. Compatible with all Meade Series 4000 and Series 5000 eyepieces, the ND96 Moon Filter can be used in conjunction with most telescopes from the Meade range, including Polaris, Infinity and LightBridge Mini Series Telescopes. Easy to install, it is directly threaded onto the bottom of the eyepiece and can be applied and removed as desired depending on the object in view. An invaluable accessory for any level of astronomer. Features Enhances the experience of viewing the moon with 13-percent transmission Neutral density filter transmits light across the entire visual spectrum Acts as a filter to get rid of glare and irradiation Technical Details

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Meade Moon Filter for Telescope 4000/5000 Eyepieces

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