Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen Black / Space Gray 128GB (was 160GB)



 Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen Black / Space Gray 128GB (was 160GB)




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Genuine Apple product Storage: 128GB UPGRADED SSD (can take up to 40,000 songs) Syncs with any iTunes on Mac, Windows, Linux and other operating systems computers Model number: MC297 128GB UPGRADED iPod • Like New • 90 days standard warranty included. • New Battery Benefits of a SSD based iPod: Lighter than HDD. • Maximum battery life. • No platters to spin up (HDD). Storage media is completely waterproof. • Shock and impact resistance. •...

You'll be able to hold 40000 songs or 320 hours of video based on Apple's original song and video metrics. • You’ll be able to sync the iPod with iTunes as a normal iPod. • 100% genuine product It has the latest Apple software / firmware installed and has been extensively tested. Each individual part is benched and cleaned with isopropyl to bring it to a 'new' state. Please check below for a description of what's new with the iPod: brand new battery, brand new front housing, brand new window, brand new rear housing, brand new button, brand new clickwheel, earphone jack and switch button (cleaned and tested). THE RETRO HOUSE

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Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen Black / Space Gray 128GB (was 160GB)

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