Panasonic ES-RT47 Shaver Trimmer Men's Wet & Dry Triple Blade



Panasonic ES-RT47 Shaver Trimmer Men's Wet & Dry Triple Blade




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A clean shave, plus pre-shave and stubble trim: A 3-blade shaver providing a close, gentle shave and new trimmer blades for exceptionally clean cutting when pre-shaving and trimming.  3- blade cutting system for a close speedy shave: Three blades shorten whiskers and cut close to the roots for a smooth shave. Playing two different roles for the blades provide a quick, thorough shave. An incredibly close shave is further assured by a...

cute 30° nano-polished inner blades. Convenient for detailed grooming of moustache and sideburns edges.  New slide-up Trimmer with acute 45 blades: convenient for detailed grooming of moustache and sidburns. The acute 45° angle blades assure fast, comfortable trimming. Trim stubble With the comb attachement: Attach the comb to slide-up trimmer and use as trimmer. Featuring acute 45° edge blades, it provides the sharp cutting performance of a full-scale trimmer. Cutting length is adjustable in 5 steps from 1.00mm to 7.00mm.  Multi-fit Arc blades: Round-shaped outer foils fit uniformly against the skin even under the chin for a close shave over the entire surface. Flexible pivoting head: The pivoting head follows the contours of your face for an effortless and quick shave. Wet/dry, foam shaving: Enjoy the convince of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering, silky-smooth shave.   Washable: Waterproof design let you rinse the shaver under running water for easy and hygienic maintenance.  A 3-stage LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity, letting you know when charging is needed and when it has ended. 

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Panasonic ES-RT47 Shaver Trimmer Men's Wet & Dry Triple Blade

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