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Philips HD6370/91 Smokeless Indoor Grill, 1600W - Black

Philips HD6370/91 Smokeless Indoor Grill, 1600W - Black


The Philips smokeless indoor grill combines advanced infrared heat technology with a unique, patented design, to minimise the smoke produced, while still preserving the irresistible taste and tenderness of grilled food.   Heat is directed to your food by specially designed reflectors, granting a constant perfect temperature of 446F (230°C). This ensures optimal browning with no burnt sp...ots and food that is cooked evenly on all sides. Additionally, as the grease tray remains cool, the fat collected in it won't burn. Not only does this allow for less smoke, but also ensures your food is not cooked in its own grease, for lean grilling.   Smokeless Infrared Technology   The whole internal structure is designed to offer the best performance in terms of grilling and has been carefully engineered to ensure minimal splattering, meaning less mess and less clean-up afterwards.   Perfectly Browned, Evenly Cooked   The grill is rapidly heated to a constant temperature of 230°C, perfect for browning the meat, and maintains it for the entire cooking process. With an ever-perfect temperature you can cook different types of food at once and get tasty, juicy, evenly-browned food with minimal effort.   Non-Stick Aluminium Grill   The rugged die-cast aluminium grill allows for perfectly grilled food and lets you cook without any added oil, giving your meat and vegetables authentic BBQ grill marks.   Lean Grilling   Foods are not cooked in their own fat, which is separated into the grease collection tray allowing for lean grilling.   Keep Warm Function   Even when you have finished grilling, you can keep your food warm by switching the device to the keep-warm setting.   Easy Installation   Easy to use, easy to install. The Philips internal grill cooking without smoking is composed of two parts: a grid and a grease collection tray, and takes less than a minute to be assembled. Thanks to the minimal number of parts, you'll spend less time installing the grill, and more time enjoying all the goodness of the grilled food.   Easy to Clean   Grills and barbecues are difficult to clean. However, thanks to the non-stick grid, the device requires less than a minute to be cleaned. Also, removable parts are dishwasher safe. Cleaning a grill has never been easier.

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