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Key Features: - From acclaimed Bloxy Award winners to superstar creators with millions playing their games, this collectible set brings to life your favourite developers and builders from the world of Roblox! - TwentyTwoPilots - Creator of the Ultimate Driving series and winner of the 2016 Developer of the Year and Builder of the Year awards! - Ultra - Renowned for creating tycoon games, like Restaurant Tycoon, he's helped Robloxi...

ans use their imaginations to build their own empires. - ChickenEngineer - He's not your average ordinary chicken! Venture into prehistoric times with this expert developer and creator of Dinosaur Simulator. - Robotmega - As one of the creative minds behind Elemental Battlegrounds, this master of Roblox has superpowers beyond imagination.

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Roblox Masters Six Figure Pack

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