Sunfood Pure & Potent Magnesium Oil 4 fl.oz



Sunfood Pure & Potent Magnesium Oil 4 fl.oz


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Magnesium is known as the ?Miracle Mineral? and the ?Spark of Life.? An essential mineral, magnesium may contribute to normal bone health and healthy immunity. When sprayed on the skin, our Magnesium Oil is almost immediately assimilated by the body, channeled directly to the cellular level. Other products labeled ?magnesium oil? are simply magnesium chloride. These cheap alternatives tend to offer marginal results because they evaporate q...

uickly with minimal infusion of magnesium, or simply coat the skin without being absorbed. Sunfood Magnesium Oil is made using only the purest, most potent, most absorbable, food/pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate sourced from Dead Sea salt. Our proprietary infusion process gives this product the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply, establishing Sunfood Magnesium Oil in a class all its own. Key Features: - Food/pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, the best form of magnesium - Great for sore muscles, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia, can help reduce pain and inflammation - Proprietary infusion method, made using therapeutic Dead Sea salts - Ultra-purified and safe, free of contaminants and preservatives - Topical spray is easily absorbed with little to no stinging or itching, no tacky or oily feeling

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We provide a comprehensive range of high quality nutritional supplements to help you and your family get the best out of life. From Amino Acids to Zinc and everything in between, we should have what you need! If you can’t find what you are looking...

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Sunfood Pure & Potent Magnesium Oil 4 fl.oz

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