The Dirt – Toothpaste, Powder, 3 Months dapprovisionnement .88 oz (25 g)



The Dirt – Toothpaste, Powder, 3 Months dapprovisionnement .88 oz (25 g)


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Toothpowder is an all natural and fun alternative to toothpaste! Our powder is made with ingredients so safe you could eat them. To use, simply tap a damp toothbrush into a jar of The Dirt and watch it stick to your brush like magic! Brush as you normally would, to reveal healthy clean teeth naturally! Our powder tastes great with no added sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. The Sweet Spice flavor will leave you with a delicious tast...

e similar to chai tea or some people even say cola! Our brand new Super Mint flavor is a fabulous blend of 3 types of mint that is fresh, sweet and never bitter! Super mint is so super even our team's self-proclaimed "mint hater" took home a jar. Grab your own jar and see what all the rave reviews are about. Key Features: - Contains 1 - 25 gram jar of All Natural Trace Mineral Whitening Tooth Brushing Powder - SUPER CONCENTRATED - No fillers, a little goes a long way, use just a dusting, we aren't kidding! No need to load up your brush like conventional paste. This jar lasts a long time! - PALEO CERTIFIED: Sugar Free, Soy free, Corn free, Gluten free and non GMO ingredients - ORAL HEALTH FOCUSED WHOLE PLANT INGREDIENTS: We use only natural, whole plant extracted ingredients to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. No science lab frankenstein chemicals here! We looked the world over for traditional secrets to a happy healthy smile and combined them in perfect ratios to heal your mouth while tasting great too. - FREE OF ALL CHEMICALS: No fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, Glycerin, plastic microbeads, etc

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We provide a comprehensive range of high quality nutritional supplements to help you and your family get the best out of life. From Amino Acids to Zinc and everything in between, we should have what you need! If you can’t find what you are looking...

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The Dirt – Toothpaste, Powder, 3 Months dapprovisionnement .88 oz (25 g)

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