TP-LINK (DECO M5) Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Single Unit, Dual Band AC1300, USB Type-C, 2 x LAN



TP-LINK (DECO M5) Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Single Unit, Dual Band AC1300, USB Type-C, 2 x LAN





  Live Life Without Interruptions Deco is the whole-home Wi-Fi solution with the most comprehensive security. It delivers fast, uninterrupted Wi-Fi to every room by harnessing the power of three separate AC1300 units for up to 4,500 sq. ft. of seamless coverage. Deco is also easy to set up and grows as you add devices to your home. And Deco is backed by the industry's only 24/7 lifetime support.     &nbs...

p; Features Down to a Fine Art   HomeCare HomeCare gives Deco the most comprehensive security of any whole-home Wi-Fi system:   Robust Parental Controls Manage content and control when each device can access the internet. 3-Year Built-In Antivirus Protect all connected devices in your home from viruses and malware. Usage Report Review a monthly list of usage, blocked content and security threats. Quality of Service Prioritize devices and applications for faster performance when needed.     Assisted Setup Deco helps you quickly find the perfect spot to place each unit.   Speedtest Check on the upload and download speeds of your network to keep it running at full speed.   ART (Adaptive Routing Technology) Automatically chooses the clearest path for all your devices based on the location of each Deco unit.   24/7 Support Contact us anytime for no-cost technical service, including setup assistance, for the lifetime of your product.       Because Wi-Fi Should Always Work Deco is a whole-home Wi-Fi solution that keeps your network strong, no matter the size or construction of your home. It creates a unified Wi-Fi network so you can enjoy one seamless connection as you move around your home.         TP-Link ARTTM (Adaptive Routing Technology)   The best connection. Every time. Every room.   ART automatically chooses the clearest path for all the devices in your home based on the location of each Deco unit. No matter where you are, you always have the best possible connection, all through a single SSID (network name). Whether it’s 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, ART places your devices on the right band based on the device and what you’re using it for. With ART, you're free to move from room to room as you stream, game, download and browse—all on a seamless Wi-Fi connection. Automatically optimizes your Deco network over Wi-Fi Automatically connects you to the best Deco unit for the best internet connection         TP-Link HomeCare Whole-Home Wi-Fi. Whole-Home security. HomeCare powered by Trend Micro (a $360 value) protects every device connected to your network from more than 100,000 new security threats daily. AV-TEST, an independent testing institute, ranked it first in the categories of protection, performance and usability. It processes eight billion URLs each day that can affect Wi-Fi-enabled products such as computers, smartphones, smart locks and IP cameras.   When new malicious URLs go live, it also blocks them within 15 minutes. A three-phase defense system blocks malicious threats and phishing sites, learns to stop attacking traffic and isolates infected devices. To better guard your network against viruses and malware, Deco automatically updates itself with the latest definitions and provides powerful, easy-to-use parental controls. Three years of free HomeCare powered by Trend Micro ($360 value) Parental controls allow you to filter content by age groups Set time limits for different family members Pause the internet whenever you'd like Control your network or others (with permission) remotely Internet usage and health report Blacklist devices from accessing your network 24/7 unlimited lifetime support           App Usage Outside   Run your devices at your speed. Deco’s mobile app goes beyond Wi-Fi. The app gives you the power to prioritize devices for faster speeds and sharing—all from your smartphone. Prioritize devices and applications for faster performance Share guest network Wi-Fi information Troubleshoot, test speed and run diagnostics Monitor the traffic for individual devices         It’s all in the details. Quad-core CPU Wireless: 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHz + 867 Mbps on 5 GHz 4 internal antennas per Deco unit 2 Gigabit ports per Deco unit 1 USB Type-C port Compatible with IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Product dimensions (120 mm dia x 38 mm h) Bluetooth 4.2      

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TP-LINK (DECO M5) Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Single Unit, Dual Band AC1300, USB Type-C, 2 x LAN

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