Treasure X 41511 Gold-Golden Dragon Set, Multi



Treasure X 41511 Gold-Golden Dragon Set, Multi


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Join the Quest to discover the dragon's gold!buried inside a Dragon's lair is an exclusive legendary golden dragon and its guaranteed golden Treasure waiting to be found. But also within lies other great discoveries! Break open and discover all new treasure hunters and mini beasts who became trapped on their quest for Gold! The Treasure X Golden dragon treasure set has 3 Treasure digging blocks inside. Including a treasure Hunter's quest,...

mini beast quest and a quest for the legendary golden dragon! There are 28 levels of adventure in the 3 Treasure set plus you are guaranteed to find real Gold dipped treasure! Key Features: - Guaranteed to find real Gold dipped treasure in every Gold treasure set! - Kids can rip, chip, dig and ooze through different layers to reveal the secret treasures and find the buildable characters that lie within! - The golden dragon treasure set has 3 Treasure blocks inside with 28 levels of adventure! - Discover one legendary golden dragon, one treasure hunter and one Mini beast figure! - This pack comes with reusable slime inside the treasure chest!

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Treasure X 41511 Gold-Golden Dragon Set, Multi

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