Xavax Silicone Grease OKS 1110 for Household Use 20g



Xavax Silicone Grease OKS 1110 for Household Use 20g




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Highlights This special silicone grease can be used as sealant and lubricant in kitchens, households, bathrooms and workshops For brewing groups and seals in fully automatic coffee machines, milk containers, couplings, etc. Can also be used for lubricating and greasing kitchen appliances like universal cutters, mixers, food processors, etc. Also suitable for cold and hot water valves used for sanitary facilities and heating systems or...

in food industry High effectiveness due to excellent adhesion to all materials Neutral behaviour towards plastic materials and elastomers Consistent properties: does not dry out, harden or bleed Resistant to cold and hot water, aceton, ethanol, ethylene glycol, glycerine and methanol Toxologically harmless and tested according to the German Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code (LFGB) Has no influence on taste or smell Food-safe Tested by the DVGW according to DIN EN 377 Suitable for a temperature range from -40&deg,C to +200&deg,C Transparent silicone grease Use: Clean the point of lubrication carefully, Apply the grease thinly and evenly, Do not apply too much silicone grease. Always observe the information provided by the machine manufacturer. Plastic materials based on silicone, e.g. silicone rubber, may partially be dissolved by silicone grease. Use within 36 months once the tube is open and store between 0&deg, and +40&deg,C. Releases: NSF H1 reg. no. 124381 beer froth, KTW seals D2 DVGW DIN EN 377 reg. no. NG-5162BL0482 What's in the Box 1 tube of ''OKS 1110'' multi silicone grease Technical Details Suitable for Coffee Machine Usage Fully Automatic Coffee Machines Contentm 20 g Model Grease

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Xavax Silicone Grease OKS 1110 for Household Use 20g

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