Xavax XA02 Vacuum Cleaner Bag Pack 4 with Filter



Xavax XA02 Vacuum Cleaner Bag Pack 4 with Filter




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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hoover knowing the dust and dirt is going into a resistant, ultrasonically sealed vacuum bag which can be thrown away when full? You have just hoovered your house and once again, the bag has split leading to dust particles going everywhere. How frustrating!! Your house is as dirty as when you began hoovering and the simply task of hoovering has now become an onerous long chore. The Xavax XA 02 Vacuum C...

leaner Bags brought to you by Hama can help to prevent those frustrating moments and make hoovering super-easy by providing you with a reliable, resistant and ultra-strong sealed bag which can be thrown away after use. No mess in no time at all and a beautiful clean house! Made of microMultiVlies material, the bags are particularly suited to the vacuum cleaner and are easy to put in and take out of your hoover. The kit is great as it comes with a total of five bags and the universal filter is fantastically designed so you can trim it to fit your individual hoover for the best hoovering experience. These bags are designed to fit not only one or two different hoovers but to fit a wide variety including Bomann vacuum cleaner bags with the designation size B 52, Clatronics size SSB 98, Hoover size H 55, Progress size P 56, P 67/S, Severin size SB 9022, Taurus size 948.603, 948.623, Schott size ST 31 EC, Chromex size CH 960, CH 283, CH 284, CH 285, De Sina size 1090641 and Silva size TB 13. Also suitable for different vacuum cleaner bags from AFK, Alaska, Arc En Ciel, Bestron, Blue Air, Boosty, Condel, Dilem, Dirt Devil, DomoStar, Ecron, E-Matic, e-maric, Efbe (Schott), Elvita, El Star, EUP, Eurelem, Express, Fagor, Ferm, Ferrari, FIF, Flama, Fuda, Gemex, Germatic, Hit Campany, HUP, IDE Line, Imetec, ITO, Kaisui, Kalorik, Laser, Lervia, Letron, Lloyds, Maxum, MPM, M-Tec, Nevir, OBH, Primera, Privileg, Protech,Quigg, Rotel, Salco, Selecline, Siplec, Skyline, SMC, Solac, Standard, Tchibo (TCM), TEAM, Tokiwa, Tornado, Trilec,Triomph, Trisa, Tristar, UFESA, United, Z.W.T, Weltstar, Westfalia, White&amp, Brown, ZimatikThey are also suitable for different vacuum cleaner bags from Tornado and Zanussi. Buy the Xavax XA 02 Vacuum Cleaner Bags today and hoover with ease and the confidence that you will never see that dust again. Highlights For a powerful suction performance Certified: filter performance, suction power and operating life tested by T&Uuml,V (German technical inspection association) MicroMultiFleece with a filtration of 99.9%, prevents germ formation and mould growth, the multi-layer structure effectively traps fine dust and allergens like pollen and mites With dust seal What's in the Box 4 XA 02 vacuum cleaner bags 1 universal filter Technical Details Air/Motor Filter W x H 165 x 136 mm Length (Bag) 25 cm Retaining Plate W x H 82 x 84 mm Width Bag 24.5 cm Dust Seal Yes Exhaust Air/Motor Filter Trimmed to Size Material MicroMultiVlies Number of Vacuum Cleaner Bags 4

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Xavax XA02 Vacuum Cleaner Bag Pack 4 with Filter

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