Xqisit 24597 Lumia 550 iPlate Glossy Case - Pink



Xqisit 24597 Lumia 550 iPlate Glossy Case - Pink


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XQISIT has come up with a practical solution for our mobile protection woes. The Glossy iPlate for the Lumia 550 iPlate Glossy Case is composed of a robust, polycarbonate shell, molded to perfectly snap onto your device's frame - all with a single click. If that weren't enough, the case's transparent surface reveals your device's original design in full glory - after all, you did pick it for a reason. Add to that easy-access features and...

your gadget retains all the functionality while keeping it safe from fire-breathing dragons, rampaging trolls and hysterical krakens. And clumsy hands of course. Tough polycarbonate cover. Its looks with this sparkle and dimension. Your Smartphone is protected from scratches and other accidents. Easy to use all ports and keys are directly accessible. Quick and easy mounting thanks to a clip system. Box contains: Xqisit 24597 Lumia 550 iPlate Glossy Case - Pink

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Xqisit 24597 Lumia 550 iPlate Glossy Case - Pink

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