Zomo HD 25 Replacement Ear Pads Velour Yellow



Zomo HD 25  Replacement Ear Pads Velour Yellow


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Earpad set of Velour comes in many trendy colours suitable for Sennheiser HD25, HD25-13, HD25 SP, HMD25, HME25 und HMEC25. The set includes 2 x Earpads and 2 x Headpads(self-adhesive) and can be mounted in a few seconds. With this set you can leave a creative note on your headphones and you can give an old headphone a new look within seconds. Also you can save the stable value and the great look of your professional Sennheiser Dj headpho...

nes. Velour Earpads are very comfortable to wear even if it´s getting more hot and the normal earpads are full of sweat.

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Zomo HD 25 Replacement Ear Pads Velour Yellow

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