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ZX Spectrum- Commodore 64- Commodore Amiga- Atari Emulator Archives - 26 DVDs

ZX Spectrum- Commodore 64- Commodore Amiga- Atari Emulator Archives - 26 DVDs


Bringing together four of the most iconic of computers from the 80`s and 90`s and well in to the 2000`s. A history like no other ever to be performed again. Incorporating all three of our Archive sets that we have for sale in one easy to buy package that WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. You need never buy another collection again. Save your download bandwidth. Save your time trawling the interwebs looking... for and collating all this lovely retro gaming goodness. Below is the blurb from all our other offerings..... The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Collection A five disc set. In order to fully appreciate one of the greatest computers in the world. One has to have in their possession a full history of it. This set is NOT the full history. However, we have tried to bring to you a collection, which we have put together which tries to enable you to make your own history about the ZX Spectrum; something that you can use to enjoy and relive your childhood by emulating the machines and revisiting those days when you were young. Or, to show your children and grandchildren what computer gaming was like in those days. Well, here it is. It might not be the `full` history as it were, but what we`ve done is try to make an archive that is affordable and have designed five discs which are printed in full colour for you to keep and to store, and to enjoy. What you`ll find on these five discs are out of print ebooks. All scanned pdf or jpg pages that will enable you to learn how to programme, make your own games in BASIC, hardware books, manuals etc, tons of stuff that will take you months to read. There are compilations of demos, game maps, pokes, remakes and utilities. Then there are the thousands of tape images for you to enjoy for both the ZX Spectrum and the ZX81….. It really is a great collection. 18.8GB – 72,961 Files – 30,956 Folders A really BIG Commodore 64 Retro Enthusiast Archive File Set on 8 DVDs Sit back and relax.. This has to be one of the best put together retro game enthusiast sets out there; for the COMMODORE 64. Contained in the confines of these 8 DVD DISCS - yes you read right 8 PRINTED DVD DISCS of the highest quality are some of the most memorable public domaIN demos, compilations, mp3 music rips from Commodore games, a popular GNU GPL emulator; and not to mention the extras - like the maps, tips for all the games that graced this wonderful machine. Also included are full runs of ZZAP and Your Commodore, magazines that you can browse on the internet but are fully compiled for you here to save you the trouble of downloading GB`s of data for your laptop or tablet reader app. Will you have time to enjoy all this wonderfull Commodore stuff in your lifetime? Probably not..... Atari..... Its a name that is synonomous with gaming. Console gaming in general. The rise and fall of one of Americas greatest gaming companies is a story that is worthy of song..... The story of its comeback, and then another downfall is one of legend. Yet, it still keeps going. T-Shirts, Hoodies, Small retro gaming collections with its flashback series of mini consoles. We have here though, a rather large collection that spans more or less the entire history of this great console collection. You`ll find here quite a LOT of stuff to go through. It includes public domain books, demos, applications and a multitude of stuff to play with - that you can show your children. They may even enjoy the experience. The set comes on quality RITEK discs, printed and stored in plastic disc sleeves. Just over 19GB in size on FIVE DVD discs. All our DVD sets come on the highest quality discs we can find. Such as RITEK (Traxdata), VERBATIM etc. Each disk will be printed as shown in the picture and come in plastic sleeves to protect them. We do not use cheap discs such as UMEDISC, CNC or those rubbish MEDIARANGE or AONE cheapo coaster makers. ALL OF OUR SETS ARE `CLEAN` ARCHIVES (THERE ARE NO HACKS, OVERDUMPS, BAD DUMPS ETC) AS THESE ARE DVD SETS, THERE ARE NO MAGAZINE PDFS INCLUDED, PLEASE ASK ABOUT OUR BLU RAY SETS..... Paypal (Obviously) Your package will be securely delivered via Royal Mail or Hermes depending on the weight and size of the parcel. For priority fast delivery please choose the relevant option. If for any reason your disc/s is/are faulty please get in touch and a replacement can be sent to you as quickly as possible. This is very rare as the discs we use are high quality Verbatim/Ritek discs and are verified before despatch. In some cases we can provide you with a download link in order to download the affected disc image while you wait for the replacement.

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