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Wolf Power 3.12KVA Heavy Duty Petrol Powered Generator

Wolf Power 3.12KVA Heavy Duty Petrol Powered Generator


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M28 (Worsley)


This generator provides a reliable and dependable source of electricity virtually equivalent in stability to an inverter whenever and wherever it is needed and is a popular choice for home use. Powered by an easy start Wolf recoil start 5.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine, the generator is fitted with the reliable Wolf 3.12 KVA alternator with incorporated Automatic Voltage Regulator for excel...lent performance and power output stability.  This popular 230v generator will deliver a maximum power output of 2,500 watts and a constant power output of 2,200 watts.  Fitted with a 15 litre capacity fuel tank, the machine will operate for up to 10 hours between refills allowing you to ‘fill and forget’ for a typical ‘working day’.   Many safety and performance features are incorporated into Wolf generators as standard and this machine is no exception: The alternator is fitted with its automatic voltage regulator to ensure voltage and frequency stability close to that of the domestic mains supply stability.  The engine is fitted with a low oil level shut down facility ensuring safe smooth and efficient operation.  The control panel has 2 x 13amp 230v sockets and fitted circuit breaker to guard against generator overload damage. It is also fitted with 12v DC Battery charging terminals for you to connect your charging leads to for battery maintenance. A voltmeter displays the output voltage from the generator, visually confirming that the output voltage is precisely what you need it to be.  Mounted into a strong tubular steel frame, this superbly designed machine is  relatively light weight ( only 41Kg dry weight) enabling it to be easily moved around.  Hints and Tips: Quite naturally, we want you to make the most of your generator and to ensure that it will last for many years to come please follow these simple guidelines. Only use fresh and clean unleaded petrol in this generator. Use only a proprietary branded semi synthetic engine oil in your Wolf engine. We recommend Fuchs Semi Synthetic 10W-40 for this engine. This model needs 0.65 litre. Service the generator regularly. The manual will inform you what to do and when. Be aware of start up power requirements of appliances that you need to operate in order to ensure that you purchase the correct size of generator. There are 2 types of loads which you can exert on a generator: 1. A ‘resistive’ load – for example light bulbs, heaters, kettles etc. 2. An ‘inductive’ load – from, for example, an electric motor, air compressor, power washer, power tool etc. Items which produce an inductive load need 2-3 times the rated wattage as a start up provision in a generator. In other words if you have a 1000 watt  125mm angle grinder which you want to work from a generator, the inductive load that it will put onto the generator during start up is between 2,000 – 3,000 watts. Once running, the grinder will draw it’s rated load of 1,000 watts, however a start up ‘load provision’ of 2,000-3,000 watts needs to be made. If you have any queries on which generator to choose, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists on 0330 123 0001. WARRANTY This generator is warranted against faulty components or manufacture for 2 years domestic use from the date of purchase.  For industrial and Commercial use the warranty is limited to 1 year and for hiring limited to 6 months in all cases providing that it has been correctly used and regularly serviced during this term and not been the subject of misuse or abuse.

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