Godox TT350s Flash Unit

Owned by Ben D

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Fat Llama covers damages up to $30,000 per item


-Comes with rechargeable AA batteries, a pouch, and a diffuser. -Compatible with Sony DSLR Camera(TTL autoflash) such as A7 A7R A7S A7 II A7R II A7S II A6300 A6000 -Guide No. (1/1 output at 105mm): 36 (m ISO 100) -Exposure Control System: TTL Autoflash and Manual Flash, supports HSS (max. 1/8000s), FEC, front & rear curtain sync, multi-flash, manual flash -Two sending styles to offer creative light effect: Optical transmission with even illumination and stable output; 2.4G wireless transmission with all-in-one features and 100 meters of further transmission -Overheat protection and useful functions: 22 stages of power output (1 / 1-1 / 128); Approx. 0.1-2.2 s reuse time, 210 full power flashing (with 2500 ma Ni-MH batteries); Support TTL / M / S1 / S2 modes, 24-105m auto / manual buzz; With custom C.Fn settings


Fat Llama covers damages up to $30,000 per item

Cancellation Terms

In case of cancellation 2 days before the rental period, 100% of the rental amount is refunded. If canceled one day before the rental period, 50% of the rental amount is refunded. If you cancel the same day the rental period starts, no refund is made.