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The Tilta TGA-ARG Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2 is the perfect addition to your gimbal stabiliser setup. This innovative system offers a range of features that provide you with more flexibility and control when using your gimbal, making it an essential tool for any filmmaker or videographer. One of the key features of the Advanced Ring Grip is its ability to power your gimbal in multiple ways. You can use a Gold Mount Battery, V-Mount Battery, or the RS 2s Battery Handle to power your gimbal, giving you more options and longer battery life on set. The Battery Handle can also be mounted to the top of the ring, serving as both a power source and a top handle for easy handling and maneuvering. The Right Side Control Handle is another standout feature of the Advanced Ring Grip. With this handle, you can control the movement of the gimbal head and also have camera control through the RS 2s camera control ports. The single finger wheel allows you to control a DJI Focus Motor or Tilta Nucleus M and Nano, making it a versatile and convenient tool for any shooting situation. For even more control, the Left Side Focus Handle offers the same wireless follow focus capabilities but with two finger wheels. This allows for simultaneous control of focus, iris, zoom, and the gimbal head, all with just one operator. This feature is particularly useful for solo shooters who need to manage multiple aspects of their shot. In addition to its functional features, the Advanced Ring Grip also offers stability and ease of use. The system is designed to provide further stability when operating the RS 2, and the included kickstands allow you to set the gimbal down after long takes. This ensures that your shots are smooth and steady, without any unwanted movements


Fat Llama covers damages up to £25,000 per item

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