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We work hard to keep the Fat Llama community a safe place to rent your items. As per our Terms of Service, renters who fail to return or damage an item are liable to pay the full replacement or repair cost of the item, regardless of the circumstances. However, in the event that the renter is not cooperating and payment is delayed we have got you covered. When you rent our your items on Fat Llama every item is covered by our guarantee up to £25,000 in the UK, $30,000 in the US, and $40,000 in Canada per item and our customer support are available if you need any instant advice. More questions? Check out the guarantee FAQs:

More questions? Check out the guarantee FAQs:

The essentials

If you have your own commercial insurance, you will be required to claim on this before you claim on the Fat Llama guarantee. If your commercial insurance will not cover it, or your claim is rejected for any reason, you can claim on the Fat Llama guarantee.

Your items are guaranteed up to the value you paid for them (on your proof of purchase). It is at Fat Llama’s discretion whether we pay out the purchase value, replacement value, or organise you a replacement item, but we’ll always try and please.

Please also note that we don’t guarantee late fees. However, if a renter returns your item late, and doesn’t voluntarily pay for it, we will do everything we can to recover those fees on your behalf.

There are a few exclusions:

  • Real estate (eg. houses or land).

  • Vehicles including campervans and motorhomes

  • Chemicals, liquids or any consumables.

  • Weapons (obviously!).

  • Wear and tear - minor superficial or cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of the item,e.g. small dents, scratches etc.

  • Lack of maintenance or appropriate preventative precautions, e.g. we will not cover for flat tyres or punctures on soft (pneumatic) tyres for electric scooters (hard tyres are expected and the only ones that are covered for damage.

  • Software or internal components of any machinery rented individually, e.g. a computer's GPU/CPU/Motherboard

  • Public liability.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible you must be able to answer the following statements truthfully:

  • I am the person who created and verified the account on Fat Llama which rented out the item in question.

  • I have provided all of the requested documentation to make a claim.

  • I have not been convicted of, or charged with, any offence other than motoring offences in the past 5 years.

  • I have never been subject to a county court judgement (CCJ), small claims court judgement, a debt relief order (DRO), an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or to bankruptcy proceedings.

  • I have never had insurance cancelled, refused or declined or had any special terms imposed.

  • I have not made more than 2 insurance claims in the past 5 years.

What do you need to do before and after the rental?

Make sure you do the following:

  • Take photos or a video of your item within 24 hours before your item is picked up for rent. These need to be time-stamped so we recommend taking them on a smartphone where timestamps are automatically recorded. Or, you can take photos on this app.

  • If your item has a core function you need a video of this working. E.g. if it’s a drone - a video of it flying. Or if it’s a mixer - a video of it in action where we can hear the sound. This way if there is no external damage but it stops working you can prove it was working immediately prior to the rental. And equally, if you believe that the item has been damaged during the rental, please make sure to document that by photos or videos taken/recorded within 24h from when it has been returned.

  • If your item hasn't been returned on time or it has been returned damaged you must open a case us within 24 hours of the end date of the rental via the claims form.

  • Make sure all items you give the renter are mentioned in the listing. If they’re not in the listing, they’re not guaranteed.

  • Make sure you can locate the proof of purchase and serial numbers for your items, these will be required for successful claims.

  • Most often it's quicker and cheaper if you and the other party are able to resolve the issue directly between yourselves. But don't worry if not, our dedicated Resolutions Team will be able to mediate the dispute on your behalf.

  • You must contact the renter to try to resolve the matter directly. If that is unsuccessful, then our dedicated Resolution Team will be able to mediate the dispute on your behalf.

You can read the Owner Item Guarantee in full here.

More questions?

Read the answer to all your other guarantee questions on the FAQ page here:

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