How to rent

on Fat Llama

Access items without owning them by renting them from people in your neighbourhood in a few easy steps.

Before the rental

Find an item nearby

Search for the items you’re looking for and filter by location.

Request and verify

Send a request to the owner for the dates you’d like the items. Your booking is only confirmed when the owner accepts your request.

Arrange handover with the owner

Use chat to arrange convenient times to pick up the item and ask any questions you might have.

During the rental

Enjoy your rental and return on time

Make the most of your time with the item and then return it safely to the owner at the end of the rental.

Need more time?

Be sure to check in with the owner and book extra days if the item is available and you want to keep it for longer.

Playing your part

Renting on Fat Llama isn’t just convenient and cost effective. By buying less and renting more, you’re also contributing to a circular economy, making better use of resources and helping to protect this wonderful planet we live on.

Want to make some money too?

Rent your belongings to people in your area to make some extra cash.


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