London Campervan Hire

With a range of caravans for hire from owners based in and around London, Fat Llama is your fastest ticket to the open road. How does it work? Well, rather than being a car rental shop, we’re a marketplace. That means we insure those with caravans to rent them to others nearby. The advantages? Convenience, value for money and no need for a deposit. Whether you’re looking for a small-sized caravan, a VW camper, a motorhome, RV or fifth-wheel trailer, see what’s renting in London today and escape the city.

Travel More. Spend Less.

Campervan hire should be an economic holiday choice. But with the hefty deposits and obstructive fees charged by some vehicle rental outlets, that’s not always the case. With Fat Llama, renters can access caravans for hire directly from their owners, at reasonable rates set by real people. At Fat Llama, we don’t think the joy of living behind the wheel should be limited to a lucky few. Peer to peer rental opens the door for those travelling on a budget.

Did You Know?

Caravan hire has a rich heritage in the UK. The first British campervan holiday was taken in 1884 by Dr William Gordon Stables. Prior to setting out from his Berkshire base to a tour of the Home Counties, Stables noted that the caravan holidaymaker ‘enjoys the perfect freedom denied to the tourist, whose movements are governed by the timetable.’ 130 years later, according the the National Caravan Council, there are over 1 million caravans and 3000 caravan parks in the UK.

Motorhome Hire: Life On The Road

Caravan hire will lead you on a road of precious new memories, interesting characters and new knowledge. It’s not the holiday choice of the faint-hearted, but the rewards are innumerable: no necessary agenda or timetable; nothing to come between you and nature; an open ticket to explore new places and meet interesting, like-minded people. Be sure to capture the magic right: why not hire a camera on Fat Llama too?

Time For A Test Drive

Whether you’re planning to invest in a classic camper or a full-blown boutique RV, you may want to trial drive the model before you buy. Motorhome hire allows you the chance to get to know a vehicle over the course of a few days, in a more intimate setting than a car showroom might allow for. Check out caravans to rent now, and you could be behind the wheel in a matter of hours: one-third of bookings on Fat Llama are booked on the first day of the hire period!