London Drone Hire

Drones are the ultimate toy. And, of course, a means of getting stunning aerial footage streamed directly to your phone in fractions of a second. Unsurprisingly though, a camera with the capacity to fly through the air at 45mph carries with it a substantial price tag. For those of you without hundreds of pounds to burn (and let’s face it, London’s not exactly cheap!) drone rental allows you a weekend of joyriding and fast-paced photography at an affordable rate.

Why hire a drone on Fat Llama?

Drone hire on Fat Llama assures competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates for borrowers and allows owners to rent out their ‘quadcopter’ and earn themselves a significant additional income. You’re entitled to try to negotiate a lower price for longer-term rentals. First time droner? Why not see if the lender has time to give you quick tutorial? Want to put up one of your own drones for hire? Click here to list them on Fat Llama.

And what about insurance?

Drone rental in London, for all it’s obvious benefits, is not without some risks. Renting on Fat Llama, you’re asked to take reasonable steps to protect items against loss or damage. However, if anything were to go awry, rest assured: all drones for hire are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy (click here to read more). Keeping your stuff safe is our number one priority.

Aerial photography for your event

Looking to hire a drone for a bird’s-eye view of a party, wedding or other special occasion? We’re not just about drone rentals; we’ve got you covered on the ground, too. Camera hire on Fat Llama gives you access to industry-standard DSLRs, vintage cameras and film cameras. We might be able to help you with event equipment hire too: whether it’s a costume, bespoke furniture, an arcade game or a popcorn maker, be sure to see what nearby users might be able to bring to the party! Got a question to ask about drone rentals? Get in touch on