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Up to 50% cheaper than rental shops when you rent a drone on Fat Llama.

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Why choose Fat Llama?

No deposits

We don’t take a deposit when you rent, so you can keep a hold of your paycheck.

Up to 40% cheaper

Save thousands by renting from trusted locals instead of hire shops.

Rapid verification

Our quick verification process means you can start renting today.

Flexible pickup & dropoff

Collect and return at a time that works for you. Just message the lender to arrange.

"Richard was very helpful and flexible, easy to communicate with, and very responsive. The item was exactly as described and at a very reasonable price. I will no doubt be renting from him again."

Timothy, London

Rented DJI Mavic Pro Drone + Extra Battery

"William was really friendly and was easy to contact when arranging to collect and drop off the lens. Overall lovely service provided!"

William, London

Rented Dji Phantom 4 Drone

"Great guy,really fun and professional. Offered some tips as well which is something I appreciate. Great prices, probably the best around here and his gear is very well preserved. Totally recommend"

Constantine, London

Rented DJI Inspire one pro - 5x batteries - Hard case zenmuse x5

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London Drone Hire

Drones are the ultimate toy. And, of course, a means of getting stunning aerial footage streamed directly to your phone in fractions of a second. Unsurprisingly though, a camera with the capacity to fly through the air at 45mph carries with it a substantial price tag. For those of you without hundreds of pounds to burn (and let’s face it, London’s not exactly cheap!) drone rental allows you a weekend of joyriding and fast-paced photography at an affordable rate.

Why hire a drone on Fat Llama?

Drone hire on Fat Llama assures competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates for borrowers and allows owners to rent out their ‘quadcopter’ and earn themselvesa significant additional income. You’re entitled to try to negotiate a lower pricefor longer-term rentals. First time droner? Why not see if the lender has time togive you quick tutorial?