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Why choose Fat Llama?

No deposits

We don’t take a deposit when you rent, so you can keep a hold of your paycheck.

Up to 40% cheaper

Save thousands by renting from trusted locals instead of hire shops.

Rapid verification

Our quick verification process means you can start renting today.

Flexible pickup & dropoff

Collect and return at a time that works for you. Just message the lender to arrange.

"Great experience. Very quick to get back to me. Good communication throughout and flexible with drop off which was really helpful. Camera was immaculate also! Would definitely rent from Jonno again."

Liam, London

Rented 90mm Lens for Mamiya RZ67 - 120 Medium Format Film Camera

"Great set of lenses for a very decent price. Darryl was great with communicating and the process was very smooth."

Billy, London

Rented Cooke S4i Lenses

"Great bit of kit, and Sev was super efficient and friendly to deal with. Would highly recommend"

George, London

Rented 5x Cine Lens Set for Canon EF with Sony E - Mount Adapter

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Rent the lenses you love

Professional photographers and hobbyists alike enjoy great value rental deals on industry-standard lenses with Fat Llama. Get your hands on the brands you love and achieve exceptional production values for your next project. Fat Llama offers cheap, convenient access to household names: canon lenses, Nikon lenses, Samyang lenses, Zeiss lenses and many more. Browse lenses listed near you in London to find the right model for your shoot.

The right lens for your next shoot

Choose from cinema prime lenses, DSLR, medium format and mirrorless lenses to meet the needs of any shoot. Whether you’re a landscape or wildlife photographer, taking portraits or sporting events, or planning a wedding shoot, get the right lenses. Our lenders supply pretty much every lens you could need, from the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 or Samyang 8mm f2.8 UMC Fisheye to a set of film camera lenses.

How lens hire works

Download our app to easily search for the perfect camera lens. Once you’ve selected your lens, simply request it for your chosen dates, add your payment details and allow us to verify you. After that, message the lender to arrange a convenient time for collection and return. All users’ ratings and reviews are available on their profiles, so you can rent from suppliers with peace of mind - don’t forget to leave a review of your own once you’ve completed your rental.