London Music Equipment Hire

From instrument hire to DJ equipment hire, Fat Llama is the musician-friendly solution to your studio or gigging requirements in London. By choosing to borrow peer-to-peer, you’re renting from fellow players with a common interest. In a city where thousands of musicians are sitting on idle equipment, it doesn’t make sense to pay over the odds for commercial guitar amp hire, or to break the bank to hire DJ equipment.

Make beats and make ends meet.

Even before Spotify, carving a living out of the music industry was a precarious task. Now, ‘survival’ for most means touring 365 days of the year and juggling a number of day jobs. However, Fat Llama allows musicians to ease the financial squeeze by making use of their used guitars, instruments and other gear and unlocking a significant additional income, simply by putting their assets to work.

Fat Llama for all your touring needs.

Touring in London? Fat Llama allows you to keep your gig overheads low by connecting you with fellow musicians who can hook you up with reasonably priced guitar rental or guitar amp hire. By choosing to borrow peer-to-peer, you can avoid inconvenient journeys to backline rental shops, and arrange convenient handover with lenders based near to your gig venue or accommodation.

Guitar rental

If you’ve tried hiring on a budget in the past, you may have used guitars which haven’t received any care or attention in years. Perhaps you’ve had to use cheap guitars or other cheap musical instruments and sacrificed your sound for the sake of finances? On Fat Llama, you’ll be hiring from fellow musicians who know their gear inside out and keep it maintained

Am I insured?

Musical instrument hire on a peer-to-peer basis should, in our opinion, be a stress-free and secure process. Which is why we’ve made sure anything from guitar hire to amp rental is automatically covered by Fat Llama’s comprehensive insurance policy.

Can I hire DJ equipment?

DJ equipment hire on Fat Llama is an increasingly popular choice for beginner jockeys and professionals alike. Whether you’re learning the ropes or spinning wax for the masses, DJ equipment rental on Fat Llama lets you provides you access to industry-standard gear and leaves you with some spare cash to keep your record collection topped up. Using cheap DJ equipment is no longer the solution to your minimal budget.

Instrument hire for the studio

Do you need specific hardware or instruments for a studio session? When it comes to recording, it’s vital not to cut corners - cheap guitars are not the answer. Just as it is with cheap DJ equipment, cheap musical instruments will only ever impact negatively on sound quality. Sorting your amp rental or guitar hire on Fat Llama gives you access to high-quality, loved equipment.

Making a music video?

Fat Llama is more than just a platform for DJ equipment rental and musical instrument hire... If you’re planning to record a live performance or music video, you might want to see if Fat Llama users near you can help out. Why not hire a camera, lighting, tripod and slider from photographers in your area? You may even want to consider drone hire for some aerial fun in 4k!