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Save up to 40% on hire shop prices when you rent tools on Fat Llama. Find all types of DIY, drilling, plumbing, painting, heating, garden, decorating, cleaning and sanding equipment.

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Why choose Fat Llama?

No deposits

We don’t take a deposit when you rent, so you can keep a hold of your paycheck.

Up to 40% cheaper

Save thousands by renting from trusted locals instead of hire shops.

Rapid verification

Our quick verification process means you can start renting today.

Flexible pickup & dropoff

Collect and return at a time that works for you. Just message the lender to arrange.

"Flexible and helpful on pick up and drop off. Drill was in great condition."

Nathan, Bristol

Rented Combi drill

"Great tools for a great price!"

William, Birmingham

Rented Circular Saw-Performance Power

"This drill was epic! fast reply from lender!"

Desart, London

Rented DeWalt Percussion Corded Drill DWD024 650W

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Local tool hire

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, famously noted that there are 80 million power drills in America whose average lifetime use is just 13 minutes. He posed the question: “Does everyone really need their own drill?” Fat Llama is a London-based platform which enables seamless peer-to-peer tool rentals which save borrowers money they would have spent on unnecessary purchases. It also benefits lenders by providing them with an additional income stream. And we’re not just talking about drill hire; our online tool hire also allows would-be gardeners to rent garden tools

Neighbourhood rentals

Local tool hire should be exactly that: local. That’s why Fat Llama is connecting those in your neighbourhood who have spare stuff, with those who want to use it. We're available in all major cities, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Plymouth, Bradford, Hull, Nottingham, Salford, Newcastle, Leicester, Brighton, Southampton and more.

How tool hire works

Download our app to easily search for the perfect tool for your needs. Once you’ve selected your tool, simply request it for your chosen dates, add your payment details and allow us to verify you. After that, message the lender to arrange a convenient time for collection and return. All users’ ratings and reviews are available on their profiles, so you can rent from suppliers with peace of mind - don’t forget to leave a review of your own once you’ve completed your rental.