London Bike Hire

Bike rental promises to benefit your health, cut your commute time and boost your productivity. But, wonderful as they are, Boris bikes aren’t the most agile of steeds. Fat Llama offers access to professional standard cycles - from touring road bikes to Pashley roadsters and foldaway commuters. What’s more, peer-to-peer rental means you needn’t travel to the other side of London to pick up a bike that’s fit for purpose - we connect you with others in your area who have the bike you desire. Pickup and delivery are up to you and the lender to arrange, and every bike rental is fully insured.

Bike Rental London

Those accustomed to spending upwards of an hour to get just a few miles down the road on London transport will relish the chance to get places on time and say goodbye to mornings spent bent double on the bus with a stranger’s rucksack in your face. In London, cycle hire can really open up the city. And you needn’t stop there - why not take the chance to escape the city too? From Hertfordshire and the South Downs all the way down to sunny Brighton, there are a host of options for cheap weekend breaks, poised within comfortable cycling distance of the capital. So what are you waiting for? Rent a bike and get outside.

The Health Benefits

The health benefits of cycling are clear. Bike hire is a cheap, faff-free way to get into shape - if you’ve seen the thighs of a professional touring rider, you’ll know what I mean... That’s not to say you need to scale alpine peaks at the speed of Team Sky, though - just a few miles a day will, before long, leave you fitter, happier and more productive at work.

Ride In Style

The price of public transport - particularly in London - leaves precious little left in the run up to payday. The financial pros of getting around on two wheels may surprise you. When you rent a bike, you’ll be saving space too. For those whose bike occupies hallway space more than it occupies space on the road, bike hire frees up valuable storage space

What About Insurance?

Fat Llama provides bike hire options which don’t compromise your cycle street cred like a Boris bike does. Our range of peer-to-peer cycle hire options mean you can be the cyclist you want to be - whether that’s a Giant road bike for Froome-wannabes or a matt black fixie for the Hackney hipsters amongst you.

Why Fat Llama?

When you rent a bike from another Fat Llama user in your area, you’ll be borrowing from a fellow cyclist who just might give you a tip or two to help you get the most out of your ride. Fat Llama also provides you with other options to equip you as a cyclist. Planning a day of tinkering in the bike shed? Our tool hire options could be just what you need. And for those planning on a trip from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, make sure you’re documenting your travels properly with our local camera rental choices . Happy renting!